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Publications on International Journals
M. Goffredo, I. Bernabucci, C. Lucarelli, S. Conforto, M. Schmid, M. M. Nera, L. Lopez, T. D’Alessio, B. Grasselli. Evaluation of a Motion-Based Platform for Practicing Phonological Awareness of Preschool Children. Journal of Educational Computing Research, doi: 10.1177/0735633115626881: , 2016
M. Schmid. Reinforcing motor re-training and rehabilitation through games: a machine-learning perspective. Frontiers in Neuroengineering, 2: 3, 2009
Contributions appeared on Proceedings of International Conferences
S. Comani, L. Schinaia, G. Tamburro, L. Velluto, S. Sorbi, S. Conforto, B. Guarnieri. Assessing neuro-motor recovery in a stroke survivor with high-resolution EEG, robotics and Virtual Reality. Proceedings of the 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Milan, Italy: August 25-29, 2015
M.J. Castro-Bleda, I. Bernabucci, M. Goffredo, E. Hassinen, B. Hollas, E. Lleida, A. Ortega, J. Pastor-Pellicer, A. Salopuro. Collaborative learning in international teams on Technologies to Reduce the Access Barrier in Human Computer Interaction (TrabHCI) Erasmus Intensive Programme. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering, Chania, Greece: May 30 -31, 2013
Short and Extended Abstracts appeared on International Journals
M. Schmid, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, T. D'Alessio. A reverse engineering schema to monitor 3-D control of upper limbs while playing the Wii. Gait & Posture Supplement for SIAMOC Congress, 30(S1): 69-70, 2009