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Publications on International Journals
M. Goffredo, I. Bernabucci, C. Lucarelli, S. Conforto, M. Schmid, M. M. Nera, L. Lopez, T. D’Alessio, B. Grasselli. Evaluation of a Motion-Based Platform for Practicing Phonological Awareness of Preschool Children. Journal of Educational Computing Research, doi: 10.1177/0735633115626881: , 2016
A. Proto, M. Penhaker, D. Bibbo, D. Vala, S. Conforto, M. Schmid. Measurements of generated energy/electrical quantities from locomotion activities using piezoelectric wearable sensors for body motion energy harvesting. Sensors, 16(4): 524-539, 2016
Publications on International Books
M. Goffredo, N. Spencer, D. Pearce, J. N. Carter, M. S. Nixon. Human Perambulation as a Self Calibrating Biometric. S.K. Zhou et al. (Eds.): AMFG 2007, LNCS, 4778: 139-153, 2007
Contributions appeared on Proceedings of International Conferences
I. Bouchrika, M. Goffredo, J.N. Carter, and M.S. Nixon. Covariate Analysis for View-Point Independent Gait Recognition. Proc. 3rd IAPR/IEEE International Conference on Biometrics, 1: 997-1006, 2009
M. Goffredo, R. D. Seely, J. N. Carter, M. S. Nixon. Markerless View Independent Gait Analysis with Self-camera Calibration. IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2008, 1: 73-80, 2008
M. Goffredo, J. N. Carter, M. S. Nixon. Front-view Gait Recognition. Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, 2008. BTAS 2008. 2nd IEEE International Conference on, 1: 1-6, 2008
M. Goffredo, I. Bouchrika, J. N. Carter, M. S. Nixon. Performance Analysis for Gait in Camera Networks. International Multimedia Conference, 1: 73-80, 2008
D. Pearce, C. Harvey, S. Day, M. Goffredo. Scene segmentation from motion in multispectral imagery to aid automatic human gait recognition. Proc. SPIE Biometrics I, 6741: 67410E, 2007
M. Goffredo, M. Carli, S. Conforto, D. Bibbo, A. Neri, T. D'Alessio. Evaluation of skin and muscular deformations in a non-rigid motion analysis. Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging, 5746: 535, 2005