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Publications on International Journals
B. D'Elia, I. Bernabucci, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, T. D'Alessio, S.A. Sciuto, A. Scorza, M. Schmid. Measuring regularity of fine upper limb movements with a haptic platform for motor learning and rehabilitation. Journal of Clinician and Technology, 46(1): 5-12, 2016
Contributions appeared on Proceedings of International Conferences
B. D'Elia, B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, S. Conforto, T. D'Alessio, M. Schmid. The influence of haptic feedback on hand movement regularity in elderly adults. ECCE '13 Proceedings of the 31st European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, Toulouse, france: August 25-28, 2013
M. Schmid, I. Bernabucci, S. Comani, S. Conforto, B. D'Elia, B. Fida, T. D'Alessio. Haptic Feedback Affects Movement Regularity of Upper Extremity Movements in Elderly Adults. XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013, Sevilla, Spain: September 25-28, 2013