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Publications on International Journals
M. Goffredo, I. Bernabucci, C. Lucarelli, S. Conforto, M. Schmid, M. M. Nera, L. Lopez, T. D’Alessio, B. Grasselli. Evaluation of a Motion-Based Platform for Practicing Phonological Awareness of Preschool Children. Journal of Educational Computing Research, doi: 10.1177/0735633115626881: , 2016
Short and Extended Abstracts appeared on International Journals
M. Schmid, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, T. D'Alessio. A reverse engineering schema to monitor 3-D control of upper limbs while playing the Wii. Gait & Posture Supplement for SIAMOC Congress, 30(S1): 69-70, 2009