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Publications on International Journals
E. Ambrosini, M. Parati, E. Peri, C. De Marchis, C. Nava, A. Pedrocchi, G. Ferriero, S. Ferrante. Changes in leg cycling muscle synergies after training augmented by functional electrical stimulation in subacute stroke survivors: a pilot study. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, 17:35: , 2020
M. Mancini, D. Brignani, S. Conforto, P. Mauri, C. Miniussi, M.C. Pellicciari . Assessing cortical synchronization during transcranial direct current stimulation: A graph-theoretical analysis. Neuroimage, 140: 57-65, 2016
M. Goffredo, M. Schmid, S. Conforto, F. Bilotti, C. Palma, L. Vegni, T. D'Alessio. A two-step model to optimise transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the human upper arm. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 33(4): 1329-1345, 2014
Contributions appeared on Proceedings of International Conferences
C. D'Anna, A. Scorza, M. Schmid, F. Orsini, S.A. Sciuto, S. Conforto, S. Scena. A preliminary study on the validation of an automatic measurement method for functional reach assessment by stereophotogrammetry. IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), Turin: May 22-25, 2017
M. Mancini, E. Mattei, F. Censi, G. Calcagnini, M. Bozzali, S. Conforto. Functional connectivity during autonomic stimulation estimated using spectral coherence of fMRI signals. 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER), Montpellier, France: April 22-24, 2015
F. Barban, L. Serra, R. Perri, R. Annicchiarico, G.A. Carlesimo, M. Mancini, F. Adriano, C. Ricci, M.G. Lombardi, M. Cercignani, L. Fadda, C. Caltagirone, M. Bozzali. Brain plasticity in mild Alzheimer’s Disease. Effects of a computer-based cognitive training on functional connectivity. 23rd Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Toronto, Canada: May 30 - June 5, 2015
M. Goffredo, S. Conforto, M. Schmid, T. D'Alessio. Strength-Duration Properties of the Upper Limb under Surface Electrical Stimulation for Rehabilitation. Proc. 7th IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering BioMed, Innsbruck, Austria: 303-307, 2010