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Benish Fida, PhD

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Benish Fida received a MS(CS) degree in Artificial Intelligence from UIIT, UAAR University, Pakistan in 2012. Currently she is a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Her research interests focus on machine learning methods and classification of locomotor activities from inertial sensors, and their use in different biomedical applications.

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Publications on International Journals
[J1] B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, M. Schmid. Varying behavior of different window sizes on the classification of static and dynamic physical activities from a single accelerometer. Medical Engineering and Physics, 37(7): 705-711, 2015
[J2] B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, M. Schmid. Pre-processing effect on the accuracy of event-based activity segmentation and classification through inertial sensors. Sensors, 15(9): 23095-23109, 2015
Contributions appeared on Proceedings of International Conferences
[C1] A. Proto, B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, K. Vlach, V. Kasik, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, M. Penhaker, M. Schmid. Wearable PVDF Transducer for Biomechanical Energy Harvesting and Gait Cycle Detection. IEEE Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): December 4-8, 2016
[C2] B. Fida, D. Bibbo, I. Bernabucci, A. Proto, S. Conforto, M. Schmid. Real time event-based segmentation to classify locomotion activities through a single inertial sensor. 5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, London, UK: October 14-16, 2015
[C3] B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, A. Proto, M. Schmid. The effect of window length on the classification of dynamic activities through a single accelerometer. The 11th IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (BioMed 2014), Zurich, Switzerland: June 23-25, 2014
[C4] B. D'Elia, B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, S. Conforto, T. D'Alessio, M. Schmid. The influence of haptic feedback on hand movement regularity in elderly adults. ECCE '13 Proceedings of the 31st European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, Toulouse, france: August 25-28, 2013
[C5] M. Schmid, I. Bernabucci, S. Comani, S. Conforto, B. D'Elia, B. Fida, T. D'Alessio. Haptic Feedback Affects Movement Regularity of Upper Extremity Movements in Elderly Adults. XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013, Sevilla, Spain: September 25-28, 2013
[C6] Fida, B., Nazir, M., Naveed, N., Akram, S.. Heart disease classification ensemble optimization using Genetic algorithm. 14th IEEE International Multitopic Conference(INMIC), Karachi,Pakistan: December 22-December 24, 2011
Contributions on Proceedings of National Congresses
[PN1] C. Caramia, I. Bernabucci, B. Fida, A. Proto, M. Schmid. The influence of filtering on spatio-temporal gait parameters estimation from inertial sensors. Quinto Congresso del Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria GNB2016, Naples: June 20-22, 2016
[PN2] B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, D. Bibbo, C. Caramia, M. Schmid. Validation of a real-time gait event detection algorithm across different walking speeds. Quinto Congresso del Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria GNB2016, Naples: June 20-22, 2016
[PN3] B. Fida, I. Bernabucci, R. Buccioli, S. Conforto, M. Schmid. ART: an Activity Recognition Toolbox based on inertial sensor data. Quarto Congresso Nazionale di Bioingegneria, Pavia, Italy: June 23-25, 2014